Great Things about Goodwood Kennels and Cattery

Our paddock
no need for leads, our internal-access paddock means that the dogs get to run and play every day, often more than once, individually, with a friend or as a pack

A convenient location
just off SH1 and very close to Highway 85 into Central Otago (Check out the map here>>)

Our country setting
a calm, natural and beautiful environment helps the animals to settle quickly

Our flexibility
ask for what you’d like – could be to bring your pet’s own food and bedding, to have your dog placed in a particular kennel or your family pets kept together, have us care for your rabbit or iguana, drop off or collect at a time outside our hours because you’re traveling through – and we’ll do our very best to accommodate your needs.

We welcome inspections
we’re proud of our facilities and very happy to show you around anytime.
We also invite you to settle your pet as you drop them off if you wish, and that way you know where they’ll be spending their stay

No extra charges
for change of dates, giving medicine, or a pre-visit ahead of your pet’s first stay, and discounts for longer stays over 21 days

Daycare available 7 days a week
between 8am & 6.30pm. Drop off between 8.00 & 11.00am and collection between 4-30-6.30pm, with drop-off before 10am Sundays

Grooming can be arranged
local groomer Lynn van Beers is our immediate neighbour and we can arrange grooming on her premises while your dog stays with us here. Please contact her on 03 465 1755 or 021 148 2687 to make a specific appointment.